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Tips for a small scale firm to go online

The world is now going online. Which is why, if the business wants to survive truly, they would have to go online. One of the best ways in which the startups can go online and take online help for all their accounting needs.

Wave software is one such accounting software is one such Accounting Software. Created for startups and small-scale firms with nine or fewer people, this software comes equipped with all the accounting necessities of a small scale firm.

Unlike other software’s of its kind, the wave does not charge extra if your transactions reach a certain point. It is understood that as a business, you will keep on growing, and the wave would help you with your growth.

Tips for Wave

You would not need to purchase any software or install it. You would need to visit the official wave software, and that’s it. You will be asked a few questions about your business as well as to upload your logo, and you are all set.

The wave dashboard is easy to use and extremely customer friendly, you will get everything you need right at your desktop, along with statistics on your business performance. You would be able to manage payroll, as well as send out invoices from the software itself. A new update has been added, wherein the invoice has a “pay now” button which your customers can click, and they can pay the bill via credit cards and net banking. You will need to have connected your bank accounts to the software for this feature. So now, you not only get to send quick invoices to your clients, but you can also accept online payments at no additional costs. This would increase the ease of payment acceptance as well as reduce the overall turnover time for the firm. Which would automatically mean a much smoother workflow.

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