Purpose of Virtual Bookkeeping Checklist:

This Bookkeeping checklist document is helpful for the accountants, bookkeepers, and individuals to ensure that they have all the basic information required for starting an engagement with the client. This is not exhaustive documentation for the information required for bookkeeping. However, this provides an overview of the basic information required.

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Documents For Master File

  • Incorporation document of Business Entity
  • Opening Trial Balance
  • Income tax return of the last year
  • Electronic Bookkeeping files


  • Invoices issued to the clients/customers
  • Details of advance payments received from client/customer


  • Payroll details of employees
  • Details of salary paid and calculation

Cash & Bank

  • Cash Receipts
  • CASH payment book (if at all maintained)
  • Bank Statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Cheque stubs
  • Invoices received for expenses incurred
  • Receipts/invoices for the purchase of fixed assets
  • Receipt of payment of taxes


  • list of inventory items involved business

Other Relevant Transactions

  • Summary of any major event during the year
  • Payments to shareholders
  • Loan statement for a loan taken from the bank/ financial institution
  • Details of withholding taxes paid (if any)
  • Returns filed with tax authorities
  • Any correspondence with government authorities

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