Freshbooks Bookkeeping Services

FreshBooks Bookkeeping Services

Freshbooks is an accounting software which is built to focus on project management, invoice creation and time tracking. It is a cloud computing software which would help small scale business to organise and manage their finances.

1.Effective Invoicing:

You can create the invoice effectively and quite simply. This tool is even more useful if you are billing your clients as per hour basis. All you need to do is keep the records of all the work that you have done and at the end just generate the invoice.

2.Time Tracking and cost effective

Time tracking system in Freshbooks software help you to know the time you gave upon client with the help of which you can optimise your working culture. Every transaction that you do via freshbook would have only a fixed rate to be paid. Unlike a proportionate rate that you pay for using services like Paypal. So, in long term when your business grows you end up saving a lot of money.

3.Creating Financial Reports:

FreshBooks generates a lot of financial reports based on the kind of work that you do, so, depending upon your need you can create any of these reports in no time. The reports that are enabled in the software are: Expense reports, Profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, tax summary, timesheet details, payment reports, revenue reports, bills receivable and payable, task summary, and much more.

4.Easily integrated with other accounting softwares

FreshBooks can be easily integrated with softwares like Xero, Quickbooks etc to help you manage business in a much better way.

Rayvat Accounting provides you bookkeeping services on Fresh books to help you stay updated on current business and take effective business decisions.

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