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Medicare Levy in US

For the citizens of the United States of America, Medicare Levy is deducted from the paycheck under FICA taxes, while they are employed. Medicare is also provided to disabled and citizens over the age of 65.

This levy is applicable only to people who hold a permanent citizenship only. Which means that a student from another country who works part time will not have this tax deducted from his paycheck. In case this student feels the need to have insurance, he can apply for insurance from a private insurance firm.

The idea behind this tax is that with increasing medical care costs, the citizens of the United States, do not have to compromise their health, when in case of medical emergencies, due to extreme healthcare costs.

How we at Rayvat can help:-

You need to provide a list of employees who will be benefited by this Levy, and the we shall do the rest. We at Rayvat Accounting ensure that this calculations are correct and upto date so that the enterprise does not have to bear additional liability in future.

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