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Shoeboxed and Xero

Shoeboxed and Xero

How SHOEBOXED actually works?

The client will be provided with unique shoeboxed email ID on subscription.

Client needs to send all the accumulated documents to the shoebox Postal address mentioning the unique ID.

Client can also upload the documents on their own by scanning and categorizing such document in the relevant folder.

Details of Logs of the receipt of envelope sent to shoebox office can be seen on the shoebox website.
(Approxly it takes 2-3 days to get it upload on the client account)

Shoebox will sort the document received in various categories:
(Such as Invoices, Purchase Bills, Expense Bills, Business Cards and other reference docs. )

(Initially rules are to be created for future categorization. Thereafter Shoebox will do accordingly)

Sorted docs will appear in the relevant folder.

In xero, we will be provided with the link to shoe-box which will have a link to view the scanned image of the relevant documents.

Xero and Shoebox Australia Integration:

Shoebox Setup Procedure:

Step 1: Subscribe to shoe

Step 2: Importing Chart of Accounts from Xero.

Shoebox has the default Categories so we need to change as per our Xero Categorization.
a) Go to Categories page.
b) In Account categories Import the categories from Xero.
c) Authenticate and Integrate with Xero.

Step 3: Go to receipts folder and select the receipt which you want to categorize.

Step 4: Choose action >> select the appropriate folder from the drop down list.

Option for creating rule is available:
Rule of Categorization is available for all the future receipts.
Aforesaid functionality is also available for applying the same rule for past receipts.

Step 5 Entering draft entry into Xero:
Choose Action>> Export to Xero>>> Choose file type Xero>>>Verify and send to Xero>>> Verification for GST purpose

Additional settings are an additional feature which provides the functionality of avoiding duplication of entry. (It exports only those transactions which are not yet exported before).

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