Which Accounts Cannot Be Made Inactive in QuickBooks Online? Your Comprehensive Guide

In QuickBooks Online, managing your accounts efficiently is crucial for maintaining accurate financial records. While the platform offers a range of features to streamline your accounting processes, there are certain accounts that cannot be made inactive. Understanding these limitations is essential to maintain the integrity of your financial data. Here's a step-by-step guide to highlight which accounts cannot be made inactive in QuickBooks Online.

1. Bank Accounts:

  • Bank accounts are fundamental to your financial transactions.
  • QuickBooks Online does not allow you to make bank accounts inactive.
  • Ensure accurate recording and tracking of all financial activities by keeping bank accounts active.

2. Accounts Receivable (AR):

  • Accounts Receivable represents money owed to your business by customers.
  • QuickBooks Online mandates the active status of AR accounts.
  • Maintain a clear picture of outstanding payments and receivables by keeping AR accounts active.

3. Accounts Payable (AP):

  • Accounts Payable signifies money your business owes to vendors or suppliers.
  • AP accounts cannot be made inactive in QuickBooks Online.
  • Ensure accurate financial reporting by retaining active status for your AP accounts.

4. Credit Card Accounts:

  • Credit card accounts are integral for tracking business expenses.
  • QuickBooks Online prohibits making credit card accounts inactive.
  • Keep credit card accounts active to effectively monitor and manage business expenditures.

5. Undeposited Funds:

  • Undeposited Funds is a default account that holds payments until you deposit them into your bank.
  • This account remains active to facilitate proper tracking of incoming payments.
  • Retain the active status of Undeposited Funds for accurate recording of customer payments.

6. Suspense Account:

  • The Suspense account is a placeholder for transactions with missing or incomplete information.
  • QuickBooks Online requires the Suspense account to be active for proper accounting.
  • Keep the Suspense account active to address any discrepancies in your financial data.


Understanding which accounts cannot be made inactive in QuickBooks Online is pivotal for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring smooth accounting processes. By adhering to the active status of bank accounts, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Credit Card Accounts, Undeposited Funds, and the Suspense Account, you can optimize your use of QuickBooks Online and enhance the precision of your financial reporting. Remember, a meticulous approach to account management contributes to the overall success and reliability of your financial records.

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