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Why Rayvat Accounting

At Rayvat we ensure that client gets best in class service

Here are some Points which makes us unique as compared to others.

Turnaround time for client servicing:
We at Rayvat Accounting are passionate about client servicing and we we ensure that turnaround time for information processing is not more than 24 hours.

Standard Service Level Agreements:
We enter into a service level agreement which clearly defines the level of services you can expect from Rayvat Accounting.

Quality of Services:
We ensure that we take timely feedback from our clients regarding the level of expectations and improvement required for our services.

Network Security:
We would login to your computer with remote access facilities. This ensures that your data remains with you all the time.
If you chose to send us the data via secured File transfer Protocol we would ensure that your data remains confidential in following manner :
1. We have servers which needs authorization for users to ensure user accountability.
2. Secure data facilities.
3. Firewalls.
4. Data Encryption over network.

At Rayvat We ensure that confidentiality of data is not compromised

We understand that the data you provide has to remain confidential with us. We ensure the data remains secure with us. Know More

We sign Non Disclosure Agreement with our client to ensure that the client has complete security of the data, we ensure that.

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