Checklist For Finalization of BAS

At Rayvat Accounting, we use systems and checklists for accuracy and completeness. When we process a client’s BAS, we use our “Checklist for Finalization of BAS,” and this ensures that we never miss a thing! We are happy to share the checklist with you! Get your FREE copy today!

Area Of Review

  • Tally the bank balances and Generate Reconciliation reports for all the banks
  • Confirm balance of Petty Cash with client
  • Tally all the previous BAS with books of accounts
  • Get Receivables approved with Client
  • Analyses old receivables
  • Get Payable approved with Client
  • Generate Financials and sense check the same with
    previous Quarter
  • Generate GST Audit report and verify if any inconsistencies
  • GST Payable account should be reconciled with BAS
  • Check the invoices for capital addition and correct
    effect in BAS
  • Enter PAYG installment on income if required to be
    submitted in BAS
  • Prepare working of PAYG for employees and put it in
    BAS Workings
  • Check Document ID on ATO before submission
  • Reconcile Client integrated Account with GST Payable

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