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Outsource Tax Return Preparation

Rayvat Account specializes in USA IRS tax return Form 1040. CPA’s can grow their firm with back office solutions of Rayvat Accounting.

At Rayvat we understand that Tax Return Preparation needs to be done with utmost accuracy and confidentiality of client data.

You need to upload scanned copies of tax documents via file transfer protocol for processing by us. CPA would get completed returns for review before uploading it online.

Tax preparation services

Confidentiality is the most important aspect at Rayvat Accounting and we ensure that the Tax Return work you assign to us would remain completely secure with us. “At Rayvat we sign non disclosure agreement with our clients to ensure confidentiality of your information”

At Rayvat accounting turnaround time for Tax Returns is around 48 hours.

To get your Tax Returns prepared in quick and efficient manner do contact us and we would get back to you quickly and complete the job for you.

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