How Much Does QuickBooks Accountant Cost? Your Comprehensive Guide


Navigating the realm of financial management is pivotal for businesses, and QuickBooks Accountant stands as a robust solution to streamline these processes. One common query among prospective users is, "How much does QuickBooks Accountant cost?" This comprehensive guide aims to elucidate the pricing intricacies in a step-by-step format, making it effortless for you to discern the ideal plan for your business needs.

Step 1: Understanding the Essentials

The first step in unraveling QuickBooks Accountant pricing is comprehending the essential features offered. From client management to powerful reporting tools, QuickBooks Accountant ensures a seamless experience for accountants and bookkeepers alike.

Step 2: QuickBooks Accountant Subscription Plans

  1. QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus:

    • Priced at $349.99 per year.
    • Ideal for users who prefer desktop-based accounting solutions.
    • Robust features such as business planning, inventory tracking, and job costing.
  2. QuickBooks Accountant Online:

    • Subscription plans start at $70 per month.
    • Cloud-based accessibility, allowing users to manage finances anytime, anywhere.
    • Collaborative tools for enhanced teamwork and productivity.

Step 3: Additional Costs and Considerations

  1. User Licenses:

    • For multi-user access, additional licenses may be required, incurring extra costs.
    • Tailor the number of licenses based on your team size and operational requirements.
  2. Training and Support:

    • QuickBooks offers various training programs and support packages.
    • Consider investing in training to maximize the benefits of the software for your business.

Step 4: Exclusive Offers and Promotions

QuickBooks frequently runs promotions and discounts. Keep an eye on their official website for special offers that might provide a cost-effective entry point for your business.

Step 5: Trial Periods

Before committing to a plan, leverage QuickBooks' trial periods. This allows you to explore the software's features and assess its suitability for your specific accounting needs.


In conclusion, the cost of QuickBooks Accountant is influenced by the plan you choose, additional user licenses, training, and any ongoing promotions. By following this step-by-step guide, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business requirements. Navigate the financial landscape with confidence, armed with the knowledge of how much QuickBooks Accountant truly costs.

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