How to Restore a Deleted Account in QuickBooks Online? Your Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic landscape of financial management, QuickBooks Online stands as a reliable ally for businesses. However, there are instances when an account is inadvertently deleted, causing concerns for users. Fret not; the process to restore a deleted account in QuickBooks Online is straightforward and can be accomplished with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Login to QuickBooks Online

Begin by logging into your QuickBooks Online account using your credentials. Ensure that you have the necessary administrative privileges to perform account restoration.

Step 2: Navigate to the Gear Icon

Once logged in, locate and click on the "Gear" icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. This icon is pivotal as it provides access to various settings and functionalities within QuickBooks Online.

Step 3: Choose "Chart of Accounts"

In the settings menu, scroll down to find the "Your Company" section. Click on "Chart of Accounts." This section is where you can manage all your accounts, including the one that needs restoration.

Step 4: Identify Deleted Account

Within the Chart of Accounts, you will find a list of all your accounts. Look for the one that was accidentally deleted. Deleted accounts are often labeled as "inactive."

Step 5: Reactivate the Account

To restore the deleted account, simply click on the deleted (inactive) account. A window will pop up, providing details about the account. Look for the "Make Active" option and select it. This action will reactivate the account and make it accessible once again.

Step 6: Confirm Changes

After reactivating the account, QuickBooks Online will prompt you to confirm the changes. Review the details to ensure accuracy, and if everything appears correct, confirm the restoration.

Step 7: Verify Restored Account

Navigate back to the Chart of Accounts to confirm that the previously deleted account is now active and accessible. You should see it listed among your active accounts.

Congratulations! You have successfully restored a deleted account in QuickBooks Online. This simple step-wise process ensures that your financial data remains intact, and you can resume managing your accounts seamlessly.


Accidents happen, but QuickBooks Online provides a user-friendly interface that empowers users to rectify such situations effortlessly. By following these clear steps, you can restore deleted accounts and continue utilizing the full potential of QuickBooks Online for your business needs. Remember to keep your financial data secure and always double-check your actions to ensure accuracy in your account management.

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