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Inheritance Tax

The inheritance Tax is basically the tax that is levied on the total amount that the individual or the organization has inherited.

The rules for individual inheritance is different for that of the organisation, and each has to be dealt differently.

We are equipped to handle both individual and organisational Inheritance Taxes.

In December 2010, the European Commission stated that they were removing all the cross border tax obstacles for the European Union Citizens.

This was done after a committee was formed who identified the main cross border taxation issues, and suggested solutions after various discussions among all stakeholders and states.

In December 2011, the European Commission published various papers and recommendations to counter the double taxations when it came to Inheritance.

They even communicated the amendment for the double taxation in single market for inheritance taxes.

Now, recently in the year 2014, they have launched a committee that researches on two major factors: Cross border inheritance tax problems within EU as well as various tax problems that the citizens of EU face when dealing in cross borders.

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